For weighing your loads in the workshop, in the warehouse or on the construction site, we offer you weighing equipment for professionals.

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Today's weighing devices use the latest technology to meet ever increasing needs. Weighing systems were invented by ancient merchants who needed to assess the value of their cargo. The earliest weighing system resembles a column scale where the load is weighed by comparing the load with a stone.

A weighing device consists of a load cell and the mounting hardware needed to attach the load cell to a platform or other object intended to be a scale. The device must be able to provide accurate weighing data and support the object safely.

Weighing devices are robust, capable of supporting large weights. This type of device allows you to work quickly and is easy to use. Weighing systems and force gauges are designed to indicate the exact weight of the load.

How to choose a weighing machine ?

To choose the right weighing equipment, you first need to know the type of activity and the working environment you are in. This will allow you to determine whether the size of the device is suitable for your operation. Next, you need to define the load you want to weigh. Some machines are designed to weigh limited loads, so make sure you choose the right machine. Depending on these different criteria, the weighing device may be different.

On our sales site, we mainly offer electronic force gauges. An electronic force gauge is a portable instrument that contains a load cell, an electronic board, software and a display. The load cell is an electronic system that converts a force into an electronic signal.

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