Textile slings provide a link between the lifting equipment and the load to be lifted. Textile slings have the advantage of being flexible and easy to use. These slings are nevertheless very strong for lifting heavy loads. Textile lifting slings can be used with hoists, spreaders, gantries and cranes.

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There are several types of textile slings :

Flat webbing textile slings are flat slings with a loop at each end. The presence of the buckles makes it easier for the user to lift the load. Textile lifting slings are available in different colours depending on the tonnage (purple, red, green, yellow, grey and orange). The buckles at the ends are made of blue textile to strengthen and protect the inner surface. Flat webbing slings are offered with folded loops, but we also manufacture lifting and handling slings with single loops or hooks.

The endless textile round slings are suitable for lifting cylindrical or rounded loads such as steel pipes or boats. Just like flat webbing slings, round slings are available in various colours depending on the tonnage. Textile round slings have a low weight, which makes them easy to handle and transport.

How to choose a textile sling?

Know the use of the sling in order to choose between a flat webbing sling or an endless round sling.

Know the maximum load to be used according to the lifting operation to be carried out and the load to be lifted.

Know and check the length and strength of the sling to ensure that it is suitable for the load.

To complete your textile lifting sling, you can add lifting accessories such as hooks, rings, links, and shackles to match the sling.

To find out whether your textile sling is usable or not, be sure to check the wear and tear of the sling daily. If the strap or buckle is torn or cut, or if it is brittle or damaged by sunlight or chemicals, the textile sling should be discarded for safety reasons.

For more information on textile slings, please contact our customer service department, they will answer all your questions.