Lashing is a device for loading cargo so that it is properly secured and does not move during the journey. There are several lashing techniques: textile dunnage and lashing chains.

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Lashing chains allow you to secure your heavy load properly with their high strength links. Lashing chains can be supplied with latch hooks or shorteners to suit your lashing needs. Lashing hooks can be attached to one or both ends of the chain. You can also supplement your lashing chain with ratchet tensioners available on our website

There are several types of lashing chains: short link lashing chains, which are mainly used on large material handling equipment, construction equipment or steel sections, and long link lashing chains, which are only used for timber transport.

Chain lashings must be able to counteract the forces applied to the cargo during transport, especially on trucks.

To ensure your safety, always inspect your lashing chain before each use. If the chain is deformed, cracked, worn or corroded, please do not use it. offers a lashing chain inspection and repair service at our lifting and handling company. Lashing chains must be installed by professionals with good operating techniques.

As a reminder, before each departure, the driver must ensure that his lashing chain is correctly installed and that his load is properly secured.

Do you have any questions about lashing and lashing chains? Contact our customer service, they will answer all your questions.