A lifting chain sling consists of a chain and slinging accessories such as hooks, head links or connecting links for assembly slings. Chain slings are used to link a lifting machine to a load to be lifted.

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The chain slings offered by Levage Manutention are entirely manufactured in our French workshops. We manufacture, assemble and create custom-made slings adapted to the needs of our customers. You can choose your diameter, length and number of strands for the sling corresponding to your lifting operation.

What is the difference between a sling grade 80, 100 and 120 ?

Chain slings are divided into three different grades according to the steel grade of the chain. There are slings in grades 8, 10 and 12. The higher the chain grade, the higher the average stress in relation to the breaking strength. Thus, for the same maximum working load, grade 100 lifting chain will be lighter than grade 80. However, the higher the index, the more sensitive it is to high temperatures and acidic environments. Levage Manutention advises you to use slings with a high grade in order to reduce the weight of the accessory and, consequently, the loads handled by the slinger.

The 80 grade chain sling is still the most commonly used lifting sling by professionals in the field because it is the least expensive. If you want a sling with a maximum lifting capacity and a lower weight, choose grade 100 chain slings and grade 120 chain slings. Grade 120 slings have smaller link diameters and weigh 30% less than a grade 80 sling.

What is the difference between a PRO and a SUPERPRO sling ?

Chain slings are always accompanied by sling accessories, available in the "chain sling accessories" category. Levage Manutention offers several types of slings with accessories of different quality, we differentiate them with the mention PRO and SUPERPRO. PRO chain slings are lifting slings designed with BEZABALA brand accessories, at the lowest price. SUPERPRO chain slings are assembled with VAN BEEST brand accessories, which ensures superior quality and strength.

How do I choose my chain sling ?

To choose your chain sling adapted to your lifting operation, nothing could be easier !

- Select the number of strands of your choice from our list of products: 1 strand, 2 strands, 4 strands.

- Then choose between a PRO chain sling or a SUPERPRO chain sling. As a reminder, the difference is made with the accessories of the sling used.

- Once you have chosen the base of the sling, select the type of hook you want: clevis hook, eye hook or swivel hook

- Then you only have to choose the desired diameter, the corresponding WLL and the useful length of the sling in metres.

For your information, we offer a shortener on all our chain slings. In case of doubt, you can select a longer length than the desired one and use the shortener to adjust the length. If you do not want a shortener, please add a note to your order to have it removed from the sling.

How do I know if my chain sling is correct ?

All our slings are delivered with an identification plate and a certificate of conformity. On the identification plate you will find: the maximum working load in tonnes of the sling, the corresponding angle range for multi-strand slings, the individual identification mark as well as the name or logo of the manufacturer, the grade of the sling and the number of strands. Finally, each sling has a CE mark engraved on the plate to ensure its conformity.

How do I check my sling ?

Chain slings need to be visually checked every day to avoid accidents. If you notice any of the following, consider removing the sling from service :

- Deformation of the upper or lower end fittings and deterioration of the lifting hooks. Deteriorated components can be repaired or replaced by an expert agency.

- Chain elongation of more than 5% measured on 5 to 10 links

- Notching, scoring, grooving, cracking, corrosion, thermal discolouration, warping or deformation of links

- Absence of an identification plate

Our French lifting and handling workshops are able to carry out periodic general inspections of your lifting accessories such as chain slings and sling accessories. For this, please contact our inspection and repair service via the contact form.

If you have any other questions about chain slings, their installation, operation or other matters, please contact our customer service department via the contact form in the "Contact us" section. They will answer all your questions as soon as possible.