Lashings are a device for holding goods (machines, products) without them moving during transport. Stowage and lashing are most often used in maritime transport.

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At, we offer a wide range of lashings with different properties. You will find lashing chains with one or more accessories or textile dunnage. Web lashings come with ratchet tensioners to ensure safety when moving the cargo.

When a container is filled, the container is secured, tied down and fixed in such a way that it does not cause any material or human damage.

We offer you lashing systems designed in our lifting and handling workshops in France and adapted to your type of cargo. Lashing chains, textile lashing and lashing: you will find solutions adapted to your lashing operations.

How to choose the right lashing ?

To determine your lashing solution, our design office recommends a few data in order to best assess your needs.

It is important to determine : The density, the weight carried by the truck. It can be in Kg or M3 or even in Kg/M3. You can find this information either from the manufacturer or on the Internet by consulting a table summarising the density of the main materials. The centre of gravity of your load can be simple to justify for common geometric shapes, but more complex for less known shapes.

Finally, it is not mandatory to check your lashings annually. Nevertheless, it is important to carry out periodic checks of your lifting equipment, because in the event of a problem or even an accident, your company's liability is at stake.

To perform a quick check of your lashing systems, please check if :

The lashing ropes are not deformed. Lashing chains have no defective, deformed or cracked links. Lashing straps are free of knots and have identification labels.

If you have any questions about lashing and seizing, our team of experts will be happy to answer them.