Electric hoists are frequently used by lifting professionals. Levage Manutention offers a wide range of electric hoists and will help you choose the right electric hoist for your lifting operation.

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Electric hoists consist of two parts: a fixed part and a moving part. They can be used with a rope, cable or chain. They also have two pulleys for lifting and lowering weights. The motor of the electric hoist allows a faster and more efficient lifting.

The electric hoist is available in several versions: single-phase and three-phase electric hoist with hook or chain hoist with electric trolley. This type of hoist can lift loads ranging from 150 KG to 500 KG.

To facilitate the use of your electric hoist, a remote control is supplied with the lifting device. This is equipped with an emergency stop. These hoists are also equipped with a load limiter and a friction limit switch.

To choose an electric hoist for your lifting solution, you need to :

- Know the environment of your lifting operation to assess whether the electric hoist is suitable for use in certain conditions

- Define the maximum capacity of your lifting device (CMU)

- Determine the desired lifting height

- The power of the motor

- Then you need to know the useful length of rope or chain

- You can also choose to add lifting options and accessories

To install your electric hoist, simply connect the electrical circuit to the device and place it on a jib or beam.

If you have any further questions about electric hoists and their use, please contact our customer service department, they will answer all your questions.