A lyre shackle is a metal lifting accessory consisting of a lyre-shaped body, i.e. rounded, and closed by a movable pin which can be a bolt or a more sophisticated system.

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What is a lyre shackle ?

Lyre shackles are used to connect a rope or chain to a load that is to be pulled. The connection can be made directly to the object, if it has a ring, or via a rope, sling or chain. It meets all lifting requirements. This product is suitable for all lifting or pulling operations with a chain or rope.

Lyre shackles can be of different sizes depending on their use. Some shackles are capable of holding breaking loads of up to 500 tonnes. Bail shackles are generally made of stainless steel or high strength galvanised steel to withstand very heavy loads.

Levage Manutention is committed to offering you the best value for money in shackles and lifting accessories. We therefore offer shackles from our partners GREEN PIN and PRAMAC. GREEN PIN shackles are more expensive because their quality is known to last over time, they are made of high-strength steel. PRAMAC shackles are known to be low cost products with their white zinc finish.

How to choose your shackles ?

As for straight shackles, shackles are available with a bolted or screwed pin. The choice of pin depends on your operation and its environment. To choose the right shackle for your application, you need to know the maximum working capacity required for your load. You can refer to the manufacturer's load table and check the entries. The load rating of the lyre shackle should be printed and visible on its body.

You also need to know the diameter of the shackle ring. If you find that the distance between the heads of the shackle is greater than the distance indicated, do not use the accessory, there may be a defect.

How to check your shackles ?

To ensure that your shackles are working properly and to prevent the risk of an accident, there are several points to check daily. Firstly, check the eye of your attachment and the pin hole for signs of stretching, elongation or wear. This would show that the product has been overloaded. The shaft of the shackle should always be straight but should not be deformed in any way. The body of the shackle should also be intact, if it has any bending or twisting marks it is in poor condition. A visual inspection of the exterior of the shackle is therefore essential before any operation. If you notice distortion, wear, surface defects or cracks, your shackle is in poor condition and should not be used. A shackle in poor condition should be replaced automatically by an approved professional.

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