Magnetic lifters are designed for lifting and moving ferrous, flat and round loads in horizontal and vertical positions. Some magnetic lifters have the possibility to rotate the loads during the lifting operation.

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Magnetic carriers or lifting magnets are very powerful, simple and easy to use lifting equipment and handling devices that do not require maintenance. The power is supplied by a switch handle which activates or deactivates the magnet. Our magnetic lifters have a safety system that locks the lever when lifting the part to prevent accidental deactivation.

Magnetic lifters are used in many industrial and metallurgical fields such as foundries, steel mills and the steel and metal trade. The lifting force of the magnetic carrier varies depending on the steel grade, thickness and contact area.

There are two types of operation on the Magnetic Carrier: Operation can be manual or electrically controlled by permanent magnet for horizontal or vertical use for lifting and handling flat and cylindrical parts. The one and only element that can limit the operation of this handling tool is the magnet.

How to choose the magnet for your magnetic lifter ?

In order to choose your magnet properly, there are several selection criteria to consider:

Measure the amount of pure iron in your workpiece to be lifted, as steel does not only have iron in its composition.

Determine the thickness of the part (in mm or cm depending on the part).

Evaluate the roughness and flatness of the part (in mm), the flatter and smoother the part, the easier and more efficient the lifting of the load with the magnetic carrier.

Determine whether or not there are holes or recesses in the part.

The WLL's of magnetic carriers are valid for steels with a low carbon content and low roughness (> 0.1 mm).

For more information on magnetic carriers, please contact our customer service department, they will answer all your questions.