Lashing is an operation to secure a cargo without it moving during transport. There are several ways to secure a cargo: with lashing chains or with a textile lashing system.


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Textile lashing ensures that your products are transported safely and securely. Lashing straps, unlike lashing chains, take up less space and are lighter, allowing goods to be secured in vehicles in complete safety. Textile lashing can be accompanied by ratchet tensioners or reverse ratchet tensioners depending on your lashing needs.

How to choose the right textile lashing ?

To choose your textile lashing correctly, you need to take into account the W.L.L. (maximum useful tension) according to your type of application and the anchor points you have available. There are several types of textile lashing systems: 1-part lashing systems and 2-part lashing systems depending on your use. Two-part web lashings consist of a long webbing part with hooks and a short webbing part with a turnbuckle and a hook that can be either close-fingered or spread-fingered.

Our lashing straps are manufactured in our lifting and handling workshops to meet your lashing needs. You can choose the length of strap you require, add a marking and accessories to suit your lashing operation. All our textile lashings comply with current European standards. Lashing straps should only be used by professionals. If your lashing strap is torn, worn or cracked, it is no longer operational. It is therefore essential to change it to avoid any risk of accident.

If you have any further questions about textile lashing, please contact our customer service, they will answer all your questions. If you have a specific request for a strap length or strap marking, please send a request for a quote.