Standard lifting rings belong to the category of lifting accessories. These products are intended to be connected to chain slings or rope slings to facilitate the lifting application. There are several types of standard rings depending on your operation.

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What is a standard lifting eye ?

Standard lifting rings are used as an accessory for certain lifting devices. These accessories are available in a male version, manufactured according to DIN 580, or in a female version, manufactured according to DIN 582. Each lifting ring has a circular eye into which a hook, link or other sling accessory is inserted. The standard rings can also be used as an anchorage point for straps, chains and winches by adding a thread to the eye.

You can use lifting rings for a variety of applications. They can be used on construction sites, for tool making, in workshops or for lifting heavy loads with cranes or similar equipment. However, lifting your load with a standard lifting ring should always be done in the plane of the ring.

Standard lifting rings are available in different sizes to suit every operation. In our product selection you will find rings that can handle loads up to 45 tons. There are several types of rings: fixed male and female rings, weld-on stirrup rings and raw weld-on rings. The choice of ring will, therefore, depend on your lifting or pulling operation.

Standard rings should be installed by qualified personnel as they are generally used in lifting operations that require compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. For this reason, standard rings must be screwed in order to ensure perfect contact between the load and the ring. For welding rings, this requires the intervention of a professional to carry out the welding.

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How to choose your standard lifting rings ?

Do you want to find the standard ring that perfectly matches your operation? It's simple, just follow these few steps :

Before choosing your standard lifting eye, you should first locate the centre of gravity of the load. This will allow you to select the ideal location so that your load is always balanced. If the load is asymmetrical, please take into account the reduction of the WLL as indicated in the accessory's instructions. Your support surface must be flat enough to ensure that the entire flat surface of the ring is supported and adhered to. The ring should be tightened until it is fully adhered to the support surface.

You must then select the maximum working load corresponding to the weight of your load. Then know the appropriate diameter and length of thread.

How do I check that my lifting eye is correct ?

Your standard lifting eyebolt must comply with the current standards in order to be used. To do this, you need to check on the body of the ring whether the following information is included: the name or symbol of the manufacturer, the traceability code, the approval, the CE marking according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the associated WLL.

Standard rings need to be checked by a qualified person on a regular basis. At least once a year you are obliged to have your attachment subjected to periodic general inspections in accordance with the applicable standards and laws.

Therefore, when checking your accessory, you should first check that the above-mentioned markings are clearly legible and that the ring shows no obvious signs of wear, corrosion, cracks or deformation. The ring diameter must not have been reduced by more than 10% of the nominal diameter. Please also check that the WLL's correspond to the loads to be lifted., who are we ?

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