Lifting shackles are accessories for lifting and handling loads. They accompany chains, cables and lifting devices to facilitate the lifting action. The shackles can be of different sizes and shapes depending on the use and the load lifted. 

Lifting shackles consist of a body and the shackle pin. The shackle body can be shaped like a lyre or an elongated link. Depending on the application, a shackle with a screwed pin or a shackle with a bolted pin will be used.

How to choose a shackle ?

To choose your shackle, you need to know the maximum working load and the diameter of the rope, chain or rope. 

Remember to check your shackle regularly. Check for wear on the ring and the straight pin and make sure that the opening is not too wide. If there are signs of wear of more than 10%, be sure to replace your shackle. 

Shackles are mainly used in construction, public works, forestry and maritime activities. 

For any request about shackles, please contact our customer service. 


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