Dyneema® slings are textile slings designed using the latest lifting technology. These slings are made from Dyneema® fibre, the strongest fibre in the world.

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Dyneema® slings are lighter and more efficient than conventional slings. These lifting slings are resistant to abrasion, UV and chemicals and are more environmentally friendly. In addition, Dyneema® slings have a longer lifespan than steel slings. These slings allow heavy and fragile loads to be lifted in limited spaces with comfort for the user.

On our website we offer Extreema® slings and Tycan® slings by Green Pin.

Extreema® lifting slings allow heavy loads to be lifted in limited spaces. With an extremely small diameter, it is possible to assemble these slings with conventional heavy duty shackles. Thus, it is possible to assemble the sling both in the arc and on the shackle axis. These slings are made of Dyneema fibre and are available in various colours depending on the tonnage. Using an Extreema® sling allows you to replace all polyester slings from 1 ton to 20 tons and therefore saves you storage, logistic and purchase costs, while guaranteeing you a more efficient and faster working tool. Finally, Extreema® chain slings have a longer service life than conventional polyester slings, so you make a significant contribution to reducing industrial waste.

Green Pin Tycan chain slings, the slings that are as strong as steel but lighter than a feather. The Tycan sling is made from Dyneema® fibre, which makes it eight times lighter than steel but just as strong as conventional slings. This chain link sling has all the performance and flexibility of steel chain but with less weight. The sling is safe to use, non-corrosive and waterproof, it floats. The sling is easy to use, quick to set up and greatly reduces the risk of damaging your load. Choosing the Tycan sling therefore allows you to achieve greater efficiency and provides a better working environment for your teams.

For more information on Dyneema slings, please contact our customer service department, they will answer all your questions.