Falling loads, detached equipment, broken ropes or people at different levels - accidents at work can happen quickly, especially in lifting, handling and working at height. Protection must be appropriate and well used to avoid the risk of a serious fall. This is why safety has always been a central concern for our company, in order to guarantee risk-free lifting operations for your employees.

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We have selected some of the leading brands in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE). On this page, you will find a wide range of personal protective equipment, which are devices intended to be worn or held by a person in order to protect him or her against one or more risks likely to threaten his or her health or safety. Safety equipment can be used when working on platforms, inclined planes, horizontal planes, scaffolding and ladders or to secure a load.

How to choose PPE ?

To choose your PPE and ensure the safety of the user, you must take into account the importance of the risk (it is analysed at the level of the operation environment), the characteristics of the workstation and the performance of the equipment. To be effective and ensure your safety, PPE must be comfortable and easy to use.

For work at height, we provide you with harnesses, lanyards, karabiners, anchor points, connectors, fall arresters, helmets and lifeline. We guarantee you quality safety equipment at the best price/quality ratio thanks to our partner KRATOS SAFETY. This PPE meets the requirements of current European standards as well as the expectations of users in terms of comfort and ergonomics at their workstations.

Finally, offers you its services for the installation and maintenance of your lifelines. This service is provided on the basis of a quotation from our customer service department. We also carry out periodic checks on your lifelines.

If you would like more information on safety during lifting operations, you can find us on our blog Every month, you will find new articles on topics related to lifting and handling.