Gantries are lifting devices consisting of a lifting frame, which may be fixed or movable on rails, and a horizontal beam resting on two pylons. On the horizontal beam of the gantry crane, there is usually a trolley or hoist used for handling in workshops.

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For all types of workshops, indoors or outdoors, gantry cranes are indispensable for lifting heavy loads. They are strong, easy to install, easy to use and simplify the movement and handling of loads in the workshop. In addition, these lifting devices can carry loads ranging from 500 kg to 5 tons. The gantry lifts are easily assembled and designed with strong and resistant materials to withstand different lifting operations.

The fixed gantry, equipped with two fixed legs and anchored to the ground with pins. The fixed gantry is therefore not intended for moving. However, if you wish to move your fixed gantry crane, you must dismantle the equipment. Fixed gantry cranes are therefore mainly intended for permanent use on the site where they are installed.

The mobile gantry crane is equipped with four 360° swivel wheels installed at the feet of the crane. These four wheels make it easy to move the machine in a workshop or on a building site on a smooth and flat floor. A runway may be built into the floor beforehand to facilitate movement. There are gantries that can be moved under load and gantries that can be moved without load.

One of the advantages of these mobile workshop gantries is their mobility. They can move loads easily thanks to their wheels. This means that you can bring your lifting equipment directly to the place where you want to lift your load. Furthermore, with the mobile equipment that can be added to the gantries, you can position the lifted load more easily. This type of gantry crane offers you safety and flexibility.

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