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Catalogue CBR Levage

The lifeline is a fall arrest device that allows the user to ensure their safety by attaching to it for free movement and work in areas where there is a risk of falling. The lifeline consists of a belay rope or cord, attached to fixed anchors, on which the PPE attachment point slides to allow the secured user to move.


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The lifeline is used for work at height, particularly on runways, overhead cranes or roofs. The lifeline allows users to work in complete safety and without constraint, it has an ergonomic system thanks to a certain comfort during interventions and prevents falls thanks to its safety indicator.

There are two types of lifelines: horizontal lifelines, equipped with two anchor points between which a cable or rope is stretched. The user attaches himself directly to this belay device. The tolerance of the lifeline can vary according to its slope. Vertical lifelines consist of an upper anchor point to which a flexible belay device is attached. The lower end can be held or left free as it does not contribute to the strength of the system. The user usually attaches to it by means of a device that travels freely along the flexible belay device. offers you a study of your installations, a tailor-made lifeline installation solution adapted to your needs, your sector of activity and the work situation, as well as the annual verification of your lifelines. The installation of lifelines is a delicate operation that should only be carried out by professionals. It requires precision and experience.

Before installing a lifeline, it is important to ensure that the site is feasible. You must know the type of lifeline according to the desired protection, the type of anchor points chosen as well as the type of detector and load indicators.

For the control and verification of your lifelines, it is essential to carry out a visual inspection beforehand to identify any damage. If any deformation, wear or elongation is found, the lifeline must be replaced or repaired immediately. We recommend that you carry out the check every year.

For more information on the installation and testing of lifelines, please contact our customer service department, they will answer all your questions.