Pneumatic hoists are used more occasionally than manual or electric hoists. Levage Manutention offers you a category of pneumatic hoists adapted to the lifting of heavy loads and will help you to use this type of hoist.

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Pneumatic hoists can be used for various lifting applications such as automotive, aerospace, chemical and other industries. Unlike some types of hoists, using an air hoist gives you more safety because the compressed air in the hoist does not cause sparks. These hoists are light, compact and easy to install.

Some air hoists can be controlled remotely by a handle with an emergency stop. Air hoist motors are designed for heavy duty use. Air hoists are suitable for lifting loads ranging from 125 KG to 500KG.

To choose the right air hoist for your lifting operation, you must :

- Know the environment in which the lifting application is being carried out to ensure that the use of an air hoist is suitable.

- Know the maximum useful lifting capacity of the load (MLC)

- Know the desired speed, either 1 speed or 2 speeds

- Determine the useful chain length for your hoist

- Finally, the choice of lifting accessories to accompany your hoist is also necessary to create a suitable lifting solution

If you have any further questions about air hoists, please contact our customer service department, they will answer all your questions.