To lift or move a load, you can opt for the lifting clamp thanks to its mechanical device. The clamping force of the lifting clamp is proportional to the weight of the load being lifted.

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Construction lifting clamps are mainly used for outdoor construction operations. We offer concrete block lifting clamps, edge clamps, drum lifting and tipping clamps and round and tube lifting clamps. There are several types of lifting clamps. Drum clamps are clamps for lifting and tilting drums up to 220 litres horizontally or vertically in plastic or steel. Some tongs are designed to be attached to forks and can carry up to 2 drums.

Pipe clamps are used for lifting or moving pipes or other round loads. The opening width can therefore be variable, ranging from 50 to 900 mm.

Kerb clamps are manufactured for the purpose of moving kerbs. This type of clamp can be manual or used with a lifting device attached with a sling or ring. The reach of these clamps varies from 300 to 1000 metres.

Concrete manhole clamps are usually equipped with three clamps and a chain sling. These accessories allow the load to be lifted with a crane.

If you have any questions about the lifting clamps for public works, please contact our customer service, they will answer all your questions.