Lifting ropes are assemblies of wires that form a working element forming a single body. These wires are helically wound in one or more layers, usually around a central wire, forming strands which, in turn, are wound around a core, forming multi-strand ropes.

We offer specific 7-strand galvanized ropes for through-rope hoists. These hoisting ropes are ideal for Tirfor hoists and specific lifting or pulling applications.  

How to choose your rope?

To choose your specific rope, you must first know the type of machine on which the rope will be installed (crane, jib ...), then you must know the diameter of the rope and the direction of crossing, the minimum breakage, the use of the rope, the diameter of winding on the drum and the number of strands. 

To choose your length, please contact our customer service who will make an estimate adapted to your request. 


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