Electric winches are ideal for lifting and pulling operations. Electric winches allow for easier operation by using a remote control. Electric winches are connected to a battery (car or truck) or plugged into the mains. These winches have a higher pulling capacity than manual winches. 

To avoid overheating of the winch, we recommend that you choose a winch model with a higher pulling capacity than your desired capacity. The electric winch should be used by professionals who control the charging and cooling time of the unit. 

These motorized winches offer solutions for simple tasks such as operating chandeliers during maintenance or opening hatches and doors. We also offer winch models for more complex operations in industry and construction with heavier loads.

The electric winches have safety and cable winding options. In lifting situations, a limit switch, a secondary safety brake and an electronic load limiter are mandatory. 

For more information on electric winches, please contact our customer service. 


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