Electric winches are lifting devices that facilitate lifting and handling operations through the use of a remote control and a battery that reduces the user's effort. The winches can be connected to a battery (car or truck) or plugged into the mains. This type of winch has a higher pulling capacity than manual winches.

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Electric winches can only be used by professionals trained in this type of operation. They have the ability to control the charging and cooling time of the unit.

Electric hoists have a higher lifting capacity than manual hoists but heat up quickly under load. To avoid overheating the winch, Levage Manutention recommends that you choose a winch model with a higher pulling capacity than your desired capacity.

Electric winches have safety and cable winding options that can be ordered from our customer service department. In a lifting situation, a limit switch, a secondary safety brake and an electronic load limiter are mandatory.

These motorised winches offer solutions for simple tasks such as operating chandeliers during maintenance work or opening hatches and doors. We also offer winch models for more complex operations in industry and construction with heavier loads.

How to choose an electric winch?

As with manual winches, the choice of your device will depend primarily on the type of application you wish to carry out. Electric winches are larger and require a power source, they are not portable.

The capacity of the winch is an important consideration, this is the maximum capacity the winch can lift and is expressed in kilos. As mentioned earlier, for electric winches we advise you to choose a higher pulling capacity than desired to avoid overheating.

Secondly, the pulling speed depends on the winch motor. A powerful motor will increase the pulling speed but will use more energy and load time. Also, the heavier the load, the slower the speed.

Finally, the choice of cable or rope is another matter. A steel rope will be stronger during a lifting operation but is dangerous if it breaks. A rope is less resistant to heat and friction but gives a higher performance.

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For more information on electric winches, their use and maintenance, please contact our customer service, they will answer all your questions. You can also consult our blog, where you will find all our advice on electric hoists.