Whether rope slings, chain slings or textile slings, slings are used to transport and secure heavy loads. Slings provide the link between a lifting device and the load to be lifted. To accompany each sling and ensure its performance, we offer various lifting sling accessories. These accessories will allow you to adapt your sling to the point of attachment of the load to be lifted. Head links, connecting links, hooks or shorteners, we offer on our website a wide range of accessories that can be adapted to your needs.

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The sling accessories are mainly made of steel or stainless steel and are very robust. The accessories are mainly added to wire rope and chain slings to facilitate the transport of the load at each end. Thus, it is possible to add several accessories depending on the number of strands of your sling. For example, for a four-strand chain sling, a hook is added at each end, making a total of 4 hooks.

We mainly offer accessories for grade 100 and grade 120 slings, but they are also suitable for grade 80 slings.

On our website you will find two types of accessories to add to slings :

There are sling accessories dedicated to our PRO range. These are BEZABALA brand accessories, which are offered at low prices and are used regularly by our customers.

Secondly, there are sling accessories dedicated to our SUPERPRO range. These accessories are of the GREEN PIN brand, they are more expensive than the PRO range accessories but have a better quality and a good resistance during your lifting operations.

Like slings, sling accessories must undergo periodic general checks which can be carried out in our French lifting workshops. We check your sling and accessories and replace accessories that may be damaged and pose a risk to your safety.

For more information on sling accessories, please contact our customer service department, they will answer all your questions.