Here you will find all our carabiners and links dedicated to lifting operations. Carabiners are lifting accessories in the form of metal rings with an easy opening system. A rope, cable or ring can be inserted into the carabiner and used as an attachment point. Carabiners are considered to be lifting connectors, connecting a chain, rope or wire rope to a lifting accessory for lifting a load. Lifting links are used to connect, shorten or secure a chain.

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Carabiners can be used for mountaineering, climbing, water activities or working at height.

Carabiners are usually used in addition to safety harnesses to avoid the risk of falling. Lifting carabiners have an easy opening system with a screw finger, so they can be easily attached and detached from equipment. Carabiners ensure that you can work at height and stay safe.

There are several types of lifting carabiners. Simple carabiners, which do not have a locking device, are available as a single large pin carabiner with a closed finger and a single large pin carabiner with an open finger. Safety carabiners are considered fall arrest accessories and can be automatic, semi-automatic or screw-in safety carabiners.

Carabiners are also distinguished by their shape, which can be oval, D-shaped or pear-shaped. The oval carabiner is suitable for equipment with spread flanges such as fixed pulleys. The D-shaped carabiner facilitates connection and promotes the proper functioning of a device along its long axis. The pear-shaped carabiner has a large connection capacity and allows for a large opening.

There are several types of quick lifting links. offers small opening and large opening links for different connections. We offer links in galvanised steel or stainless steel. There are several types of links depending on the lifting operation you wish to carry out. Like carabiners, the link has a screw opening and closing system that makes it easy to attach to the equipment.

If you would like more information on carabiners and lifting links, please contact our customer service department, they will answer all your questions.