Lifting clamps are lifting equipment and their purpose is to connect a load to a lifting device by means of a jointed mechanism. The lifting clamp is intended for lifting specific loads. The clamping force of the clamp can be proportional to the weight of the load to be lifted.

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We offer you industrial lifting clamps and public works clamps: clamps for lifting and turning sheet metal, for lifting concrete parts, for lifting pipes, drum clamps and edge clamps. Brands such as TRACTEL, CROSBY, REMA and OMGD are renowned for their expertise in the field of lifting and are known for producing reliable, heavy-duty clamps. This wide choice of clamps is accompanied by a wide variety of variations.

How to choose your lifting clamp ?

To choose your lifting clamp, you need to know the following criteria:

- First of all, the WLL (in kg): The clamp for sheet metal can carry a maximum load of 6T. For concrete, the lifting clamp can carry a maximum load of 3T. For drums, 1T.

- Finally, the minimum and maximum setting (in mm)

You will also find on our site a sheet pile shackle for your clamp dedicated to sheet pile lifting operations, which are most often referred to as profiled piles designed to be driven into the ground or into the sediment.

Finally, among our lifting clamps, there are marked and non-marked ones. You will find this in the description of our products. The non-marking clamps are covered with high quality plastic to prevent scratching your load. Lifting clamps are also lightweight, which makes them easier to use.

For more information on lifting clamps, our customer service will answer all your questions. Finally, you can go directly to our blog for information on safety when using your lifting clamp.