A winch is a lifting equipment and pulling device for controlling the winding and unwinding of a lifting cable, chain or other device for carrying or pulling a load. The lifting winch may or may not be motorised. It usually includes a device for reducing the force either via a motor or manually with a lever, crank or other.
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There are different types of lifting winches:

The simple winch operates by means of a crank handle, allowing the rope or cable to be wound up to reduce the physical effort of the user.

The differential winch operates in the same way as a hoist.

The mechanical winch has two distinct functions: Firstly, its operation is based on a simple or bevel gear system and secondly on a worm gear system.

Manual winches are the most classic and easiest to use. These winches have a rather small load lifting or pulling capacity (up to about 2 tonnes) and use only the strength of the user's arms. Manual winches are mainly used on construction sites and for lifting light loads.

Electric winches are connected to a battery (car or truck) or to the mains. These winches have a higher pulling capacity than manual winches.

To avoid overheating of the lifting winch, we advise you to choose a winch with a pulling capacity significantly higher than the initial weight of your load. The electric winch should only be used by professionals as it requires charging and cooling time before and during the lifting or pulling operation.

Electric winches have both mandatory and optional safety and cable winding options. In the lifting situation, a limit switch, a secondary safety brake and a load limiter are mandatory.

We offer quality, high-performance winches suitable for professional lifting operations. We work with leading lifting brands such as HUCHEZ, TRACTEL and GOLIATH to ensure that our products are adapted to your needs.

To find out more about our lifting winches and the options available, please contact our customer service department.