A winch is a lifting and pulling device that allows to control the winding and unwinding of a rope, a chain or other device intended to carry or pull a load. 

The winch can be motorized or not. It usually includes a device for reducing the effort either via a motor or manually with a lever, a crank or other. 

The manual winches are the most classic and the easiest to use. These winches have a rather small lifting or pulling capacity (up to about 2 tons) and use only the force of the arms. Manual winches are mainly used on construction sites and for lifting light loads. 

Electric winches are connected to a battery (car or truck) or plugged into the mains. These winches have a higher pulling capacity than manual winches. To avoid overheating of the winch, we recommend that you choose a winch with a pulling capacity that is far greater than the weight of your load. The electric winch must be used by professionals, it requires a charging and cooling time before and during the lifting or pulling. 

Electric winches have both mandatory and optional safety and cable winding options. In a lifting situation, a limit switch, a secondary safety brake and a load limiter are mandatory. For more information on winch options, please contact us. 

For more information on manual or electric winches, please contact our customer service. 


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