Manual winches are handling tools used for horizontal lifting, securing and pulling operations. Each manual winch meets your specific lifting, hauling or pulling needs. The manual winches are the most classic and the easiest to use. These winches have a minimal pulling capacity (up to about 2T) and use only arm strength. 

Our range includes manual hauling winches, lifting winches, bracket winches, geared winches and worm gear winches.

How do you choose your winch?

Define your application and the capacity of the winch you want. The WLL of the first layer is the maximum operating capacity for a single layer of rope. This will decrease as the rope is wound. Choose a slightly higher capacity or refer to the CMU of the top/last layer.

Manual winches are mainly used in industry, entertainment, stage equipment, water treatment, water reservoirs, sports halls and chandelier suspensions.

For more information on manual winches, please contact our customer service department.


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