The jib crane has a similar use to that of a crane, it accompanies and facilitates the work of handlers. The jib crane is used for handling, lifting or hauling heavy loads. Jib cranes can be used for outdoor work sites, workshops, warehouses or for distribution terminals. The category of jib cranes includes several types of models.

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Mobile cranes, ideal for indoor use. The mobile jib crane can lift loads ranging from 150 kg to 500 kg with a radius of action of around two metres. The mobile jib crane can be moved by means of all-terrain wheels, which allow it to move on any type of ground. The most commonly used model is the mobile jib crane with a triangular boom with a hollow profile that adapts to workshop conditions.

Drum cranes are the most common cranes, especially in the industrial sector. This type of crane is designed to move very heavy loads of up to several tonnes. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The jib crane is fixed with chemical anchors or with anchor rods and concrete blocks. The jib cranes are available with a triangular or inverted jib with a rotation range of 270° to 360° and a reach of up to 9 metres.

The wall-mounted jib cranes are equipped with a triangular or inverted jib, which reduces the headroom. The wall-mounted jib crane has the option of being motorised or manual with a 180° rotation. The wall-mounted jib cranes are suitable for individual use and avoid clutter in the work area. The lifting capacity of this type of jib crane ranges from 150kg to 4 tonnes with a standard reach of up to 8000mm.

To choose the right jib crane for your lifting application, you need to:

Know the environment in which you want to install your jib crane. This will allow you to choose between a fixed jib crane, a mobile jib crane or a wall-mounted jib crane.

Know the load you wish to lift with the crane. The weight will allow you to choose the necessary lifting capacity.

Know the maximum height and reach required to lift the load.

Know the type of jib crane you want : you can choose between an electric jib crane or a manual jib crane.

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