Lifting pulleys are used for lifting or changing the direction of a load. Pulleys are made in the shape of a wheel allowing them to transmit motion and assist in lifting the load. The pulleys can be used with a rope or a cable depending on the shape of the rim. We offer free pulleys, traction and return pulleys, click pulleys, opening pulleys, scissor pulleys or clevis pulleys. 

The sheaves allow the lifting of loads by several strands of cable in order to reduce the traction effort. Sheaves are based on the standard components of a pulley.

The sheave is the wheel of a pulley with a groove for inserting a rope, cable or chain. Sheaves can be composed of several sheaves. We offer a wide range of sheaves adapted to your use with different diameters. 

For more information on pulleys, blocks and sheaves, please contact our customer service. 


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