We offer you a selection of lifting pulleys, lifting blocks and sheaves for your lifting operations. Lifting sheaves are used for lifting loads or changing the direction of a load.

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The pulleys are made in the shape of a wheel allowing them to transmit motion and assist in lifting loads. Lifting sheaves can be used with a rope or cable depending on the shape of the rim.

There are several types of lifting pulleys depending on their use. In the category of rope pulleys, there are rope building pulleys and rope ratchet building pulleys which are small deflection pulleys for carpenters and facade builders. The heavy duty rope pulley is a high quality pulley, which can be openable or non-openable and is designed for heavy duty use. Cable sheaves are used to form a connection between the lifting device and the load to be lifted. There are therefore pre-slab pulleys, which are used especially for lifting beams. Reinforced opening rope pulleys and opening scissor rope pulleys allow the rope to be attached more easily by opening the pulley rather than by passing the entire rope through. Finally, there are fixed rope pulleys for construction and public works.

Lifting blocks allow loads to be lifted by several strands of rope in order to increase the pulling force. Blocks are based on the standard components of a pulley. The reeving is a figure formed by the rope strands, between the drums, the fixed points, the return sheave and the blocks. Single rope blocks must be made with two separate ropes to ensure safety. Lifting blocks are mainly used on hoists, cranes, for lifting a load on an overhead crane, in mountain rescue work or for lifting special loads.

Sheaves are the wheel of a pulley with a groove for inserting a rope, cord or chain. A pulley can consist of one or more sheaves. There are rope sheaves and cable sheaves for different applications.

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