Considered as Collective Protection Equipment, the load arrester is a lifting equipment and an indispensable means of protection for all your lifting operations. Equipped with an automatic brake in case your load falls, the load arrester aims to hold your main load in order to stop it in a few centimetres and avoid an accident.

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Known as a "fall arrester", the fall arrester must be equipped with a progressive stop system so that the rope or cable is not overloaded when ascending or descending your load. Loads carried by the load arrester must be secured with a suitable connector. The load can be static or mobile.

You will find our fall arresters available for a GVW of between 100 and 500 KG with a cable length of between 10 and 30 M. This tool can be accompanied by carabiners and lifting rings sold on our site in the lifting accessories category. For load arresters dedicated to extreme lifting operations, they can be attached to a beam.

In addition, we offer load balancers which are very useful devices in handling. The purpose of this load balancer is to minimise the operator's efforts. Very useful for the industrial field, this lifting tool is very often used during lifting operations.

Overall, the load balancer is very simple to use, but it also allows you to :

- Reduce fatigue and strain on your operator

- Improve the safety of the load and the user during your lifting operation

- Improve the ergonomics of your operating environment

How do I choose my load balancer?

To choose your load balancer, you must take into account several selection criteria such as The maximum load (WLL), the length of the cable, and your working environment in order to identify possible constraints or dangers.

For more information on the load arrester or the balancer, please contact our customer service, they will answer all your questions. You can also visit our blog levagemanutention.com to find out more about the use and safety of our lifting equipment.