Rope accessories are products designed solely for use on wire rope or stainless steel cables to enhance its performance for lifting or lashing operations. There are many stainless steel rope accessories and steel rope accessories. Each accessory has its own use.

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Cable accessories can be used for fixing cable, stripping cable, crimping cable or cutting cable. On our website we offer cable pullers, cable ties, cable cutters, terminations and ferrules, turnbuckles and accessories for fixing your cable. In general, steel and stainless steel cable accessories are used for marine, military, automotive and manufacturing applications.

What are cable accessories used for ?

We offer cable pullers online, accessories designed for pulling and connecting two cables (excluding crane and bridge cables) to ensure continuity, especially when replacing a used cable with a new one. This cable accessory offers, thanks to its reinforced mesh, a better break and avoids abrasion phenomena.

Steel cable cutters are also available on our website. Considered as the essential accessories for the cable, the cable cutters are cutting pliers offering a clean cut, without crushing the cable thanks to a triangle-shaped cutting system. These cable accessories are made of high quality hardened steel to ensure efficiency and durability. Our cable cutters are thus designed to facilitate your cable cutting operation while ensuring your safety.

Finally, cable ties, a cable accessory that is regularly found on construction sites. The purpose of cable ties is to hold a loop securely or to bind two cables together. The use of the cable tie is very simple, but it must be checked that it does not damage the cable in question, that it is correctly attached and that it corresponds to the precise cable diameter.

Cable accessories should only be used by professionals when lifting, dismantling or replacing hoist ropes.

If you would like more information on all our cable accessories, please contact our customer service department, they will answer all your questions.