Stainless steel wire ropes are sets of stainless steel wires helically wound around a central wire forming strands. The strands are in turn wound around a core or core wire, usually metal, which forms multi-strand ropes. There are thus several types of ropes with different numbers of strands and wires.

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On our website, we offer stainless steel wire ropes with 6 strands, 7 strands and a single strand stainless steel wire rope. All our stainless steel ropes have a metal core. These ropes are mainly used for architectural, guardrail, marine and industrial applications.

We offer stainless steel ropes type 316, which are corrosion resistant. Stainless steel cables have the particularity of being flexible and even extremely flexible for some. They are perfectly resistant to humidity and water and have a particularly long life span.

How to choose your stainless steel cable ?

To choose your stainless steel cable, you must :

Know the type of use you want to make of it to choose the rigidity of the cable (extremely flexible, flexible or compact). If you don't want any flexibility, a single strand stainless steel cable is the best choice. If you want a soft, slightly curved cable, choose a 7x7 stainless steel cable. Finally, if you want an extremely flexible cable, choose a 7x19 stainless steel cable which will be strongly curved.

Next, we need to know the breaking load we want in order to choose the right diameter for our cable. To do this, remember to check the sides of the crimped parts at the end of the cable.

Remember to check your stainless steel wire rope daily to ensure that there is no breakage, wear or deformation of the rope that could put you at risk. In case you notice any damage, please bring your stainless steel ropes to one of our workshops for inspection.

For more information on stainless steel cables and hoist ropes, please contact our customer service department, they will answer all your questions.