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High performance ropes are designed for marine, crane, hoist or gantry applications. Like standard and stainless steel wire ropes, high performance hoisting ropes consist of a set of wires helically wound around a central wire forming strands. These strands are, in turn, wound around a core, which forms multi-strand high performance ropes. There are thus several types of high performance ropes with different numbers of strands and wires.


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We offer you high performance ropes from ARCELORMITTAL, our official partner and one of the world's largest steel producers and manufacturers of high quality steel lifting ropes. We are committed to providing you with corrosion resistant ropes, developed with technology designed for strength, flexibility and endurance. ArcelorMittal ropes have a very high breaking load with high wear and crush resistance.

Our high performance ropes are manufactured from galvanised or bright steel of 1960 or 2160 N/mm2. The HDHP 6 with 6 strands, the HP8P with 8 strands, the Complast 9 with 9 strands, the Integral 8 with 8 strands, the NRHD 24, a high performance non-rotating rope and the Notor HP are offered for sale on our website. Please note that the prices shown for the sale of high performance cable are only valid for one metre of cable. If you would like more length or in the form of reels, please contact our customer service, they will answer all your questions.

How do I choose a high performance cable ?

When choosing a high performance cable, there are several criteria to consider :

You need to know your strength requirements: your choice will be different if you want an abrasion-resistant or wear-resistant, crush-resistant or rotation-resistant cable.

The operating conditions of the cable should also be taken into account, as the choice of cable will vary according to your use.

You also need to know the physical environment, whether it is to be used in a wet area or in an environment with chemicals.

Finally, you need to know the type of equipment on which you will be using the high performance lifting cable. The rope will not be the same for heavy lifting applications such as offshore cranes as it is for electric hoists.

Please check your high performance ropes regularly with the naked eye before each use to avoid any risk of accident. If there are any signs of deformation, wear or crushing, take your ropes to a lifting specialist immediately.

If you would like more information on high performance hoisting ropes, please contact our customer service department, they will answer all your questions.