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Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a device intended to be worn or held by a person in order to protect him or her against the risk of falling. In this category of PPE, fall protection, you will find all the equipment intended to protect you when working at height.


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When working at heights, collective equipment is not enough to guarantee the safety of the user. For this purpose, it is necessary to be equipped with PPE, a complete fall protection device. This safety device consists of a harness that covers the user's trunk and pelvis with large shoulder straps, a lanyard or rope equipped with a shock absorber in case of a fall or loss of support. Anchor points to secure the area in the workplace. Finally, connectors to allow the user to move around safely in the work area.

How to choose the right PPE and fall arresters for your operation ?

In order to choose the right PPE for your situation, you must first consider the extent and nature of the risk in order to assess the equipment required for your lifting operation at height. Then you need to know the characteristics of the workstation and the environment in which the user will be working. Finally, you need to know the performance of the equipment. To be effective and to ensure your safety, PPE must be comfortable and easy to use.

Always check the regulations and make sure that your equipment complies with safety standards. For eye protection, consider the CAN/CSA Z94.3-92 standard. For gloves, this is the EN 420: 2003 standard, which requires identification of the manufacturer and product marking as well as the size, dexterity or composition of the glove. The standards for safety footwear are CAN/CSA-Z195-02. Finally, masks must be chosen and used according to the CSA Z94.4-93 standard.

For work at height, we provide harnesses, lanyards, karabiners, anchor points, connectors, fall arresters, helmets and lifelines of the KRATOS brand at the best quality/price ratio. KRATOS offers its customers a complete fall arrest solution with high quality services. All KRATOS PPE and fall arresters comply with the European standards in force as well as with the expectations in terms of comfort and ergonomics for the users on their place of intervention.

If you would like more information on safety equipment such as PPE and fall arresters, please contact our customer service department, who will answer all your questions.